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Collection: The Brig Digital Archive

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Brig is the University of Stirling's student newspaper. It celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2019, the first issue published on 3 October 1969. In April 2019 the University Archives was awarded a grant from the Stirling Fund to digitise and make available the first 25 years of the newspaper covering the years 1969-1994. A catalogue was produced by University of Stirling students as part of the Stirling Fund project providing summary information for the contents of each newspaper from 1969-1994.

In the early years of the production of the newspaper a new volume was produced every academic year with issues running from September / October to May / June. The content and style of the paper changed over the years as each new editorial team brought new ideas and changes to the look, design and content of the newspaper. The contents of Brig over the twenty five years from 1969-1994 provide a detailed record of student life on the Stirling campus recording and reflecting on news and events (both local and international), culture and sport.

A full set of digitised copies of Brig covering the years 1969-1987 is now available on our new Culture on Campus website.

Further information on the project can be found on our Culture on Campus blog

Supported by the Stirling Fund

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