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EndNote: Footnote Styles

Guidance and support material for using EndNote referencing software.

Help with EndNote

Check the guides on this EndNote help page. Check the tabs at the top for more information.

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FootNote Styles in EndNote – Customisation

EndNote styles comply with most requirements for subsequent citation e.g. to only give a short form of the title. If you need to make additional changes, you can edit the style.

Customise your Quick Access Toolbar

For easy access to the Insert Footnote and Cross-reference functions in Word, add them to your Quick Access Toolbar.

  1. Click File and select Options.
  2. Click Quick Access Toolbar on the right menu.
  3. In the Choose Commands From drop down menu select All Commands.
  4. Scroll down the commands and select Footnotes and EndNotes. Click the Add button to move it to your quick access commands.
  5. Scroll again to find Insert Cross-reference and click Add.
  6. Click OK and both commands should appear in the Quick Access Toolbar at the very top of the Word screen.

Important note: The Cross-reference function does not automatically update your cross-references when you make a change. To update the cross-references click F9 on your keyboard (or Fn + F9 on a laptop).

Adding Footnote Citations and Cross-references

There is no special EndNote feature to insert footnotes and . Simply use Word’s  or  from the References tab, then go to EndNote to select a reference and click Insert Citation . More detailed instructions are provided below.

It is very important to use the Cross-reference function in Word so that they will automatically be updated if you move blocks of text or add/delete citations earlier in your document.

How to Add a Footnote to Include an EndNote citation

  1. Position your cursor in your Word Document where you wish the footnote number to appear.

  2. Go to the References tab in Word and click Insert Footnote.
    Word will insert a footnote number in the text and move your cursor to the footnote pane.

  1. Click the EndNote tab.

  2. Select an appropriate footnote style e.g. Chicago 16th or OSCOLA.

  3. Click Insert Citation and select Insert Citation from the drop-down menu.

  4. The Find and Insert My References box will appear and you can search for a citation.

  5. Select a reference and click Insert.

Alternatively, instead of steps 3-7, go to your EndNote Library, select the reference to be cited and click Insert Citation .

How to add a Cross-Reference e.g. to Give a Subsequent Citation

Some styles require subsequent citations to be in an abbreviated form with a cross-reference to the initial citation e.g. in the OSCOLA style ‘Smith (n3)’ is a subsequent citation to a journal article by Smith cited in footnote 3.

Use the Cross-reference function in Word so that your document automatically updates when you enter new citations.

  1. Insert a footnote as usual then go to EndNote to select the reference for your subsequent citation and click Insert Citation .

If your style has been set up correctly in EndNote it will insert your subsequent citation in the appropriate format e.g. the OSCOLA style only requires the surname of the first author for a journal article.

  1. In Word place your cursor at the end of the Footnote outside the ‘grey’ EndNote field for your subsequent citation.

  2. Type a prefix if needed e.g. OSCOLA requires cross-references to be in the form (n4) for a cross-reference to footnote 4 so the prefix is (n.

  3. Click Insert Cross-reference in the Word toolbar (if you can’t see the word Cross-reference, click the small button with red dashes next to Insert Caption).

  1. In the Cross-Reference box choose the following options:

    1. Reference Type = Footnote

    2. Insert Reference to: = Footnote Number

  1. Choose the relevant footnote and click Insert

  2. Type any punctuation needed to close the cross-reference e.g .for OSCOLA type a round bracket.

  3. If you are using a PinPoint (page number etc.) add this after the Cross-Reference.