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Use RefWorks to collect and manage your references and help with your in-text citations and bibliographies.

WNC & RCM - Why Upgrade?

WNC (Write-N-Cite) was the original writing tool created by RefWorks. It is now fairly dated technology and has been superseded by the newer RCM (RefWorks Citation Manager). RefWorks are withdrawing support for WNC and it will cease to function after end 2024.

RCM is compatable with Word 2016 or later. See Finding the Right Writing Tool Add-on if you need to check if RCM is compatible with your computer. If you are uncertain if RCM will work on your computer contact the Library for guidance.

Installing RCM

  1. In Word, click File and select Get Add-ins
  2. Select Store, search for RefWorks and click Add.
  3. The RCM tab will appear on the Word ribbon.
  4. Click RCM, then select RefWorks Citation Manager (which appears top left of your document).
  5. The RCM pane will appear on the right of your screen and you can login - either select the Login from my institution link or if you have already created a user name and password to access RefWorks you may use that account.

For more information about how to use RCM, see:

Upgrading a WNC Document to RCM.

  1. RCM must be installed on your computer (see above).
  2. VERY IMPORTANT: Take a back up of any document you wish to convert so that you can revert to it if anything goes wrong.
  3. Disable Track changes in Word before doing the upgrade.
  4. Open the document that you have been using with WNC in the Desktop app (the conversion process is unavailable in Word Online).
  5. Login to RCM and you should be prompted to upgrade the document. Follow any guidance and when the conversion is complete, save your document under a new filename.

Important Notes

  • Once you have converted a document you cannot work on it again with WNC. You must use RCM.
  • Citations in tables and figures are not updated by the conversion process. You will need to update these separately. Contact the Library if you would like help.
  • If other people edit the same document, they must all have access to RCM.