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Use RefWorks to collect and manage your references and help with your in-text citations and bibliographies.

Customising Your Style

There are over 6,000 styles in RefWorks so you are likely to find one which suits your requirements. Ocassionally though you may wish to change or add an element to the style you have chosen. You can customise your style using the 'Citation Style Editor.

Create your own version of a style

  1. Click 'Create Bibliography' and select 'Citation Style Editor'.
  2. Search or navigate to the style you wish to customise
  3. Click 'Options' and select 'Duplicate' and give your style a name e.g. Harvard Susan's Version.
  4. If you wish to add something simple e.g. a DOI:
    •  Select the 'Reference Type' e.g. Journal article from the left menu.
    • Click the + symbol next to the list of fields (it will change to a X in case you decide not to save any changes).
    • Select the field that you wish to add. The field will be added to the end of the list of fields but you can drag it to the correct position if required.
    • Click Save when finished your editing.

Note: you will need to add punctuation or additional informaiton to some fields e.g. in the example above, round brackets have been added to the  publication year and ''pp.' has been added to the pages field so that this precedes the page numbers. It can sometimes be difficult to get this additional information in the correct location - always test your bibliography to see how your customisation appears.