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LibrarySearch (for books, articles and other resources)

Collecting Your Book

Collect the book from its usual location in the Short Loan area of the Library. (Look up the title in LibrarySearch if you don't remember the call number).

Check the book out out using the Self Issue machine.

You may collect your book earlier than the booking time (as long as it has not been borrowed or booked by someone else).

IMPORTANT: Your booking will lapse if not collected within 30 minutes of the time requested.

Fines on Short Loan Items

Fines are incurred at the following rates. 

>   3 - hour loan: 50p per hour or part of hour
>   24 - hour loan: 50p per hour or part of hour
>   24 - hour photocopy loan: 10p per hour or part of hour

The fine period starts 1 hour after the due time. If there are difficulties in returning your book on time, contact as soon as possible in advance of the due time.

Fines are capped at £10 per item. At this level, users will be prevented from borrowing other material from the Library.

How to pay fines
Pay your fines in person at the Library or online by clicking 'Pay' in the library fines section of 'My Portal'.

The Short Loan Collection

Short Loan is a collection of books in heavy demand and can be borrowed for up to 24 hours or 3 hours (unless unless they are already booked by someone else, in that period).

  • You can borrow up to 4 short loan books at a time.
  • Items borrowed on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are due back the following Monday at 10am.
  • You may renew your loan at the Library lending desk (unless the item has been requested by someone else).
  • Fines are incurred for late return of short loan books. See further details on fines.

To help manage your time and plan your work, you can make an advanced booking to borrow short loan book at a specific time - see guidance below.

  • You can have up to 4 bookings in place at any time.
  • There must be a gap of 24 hours between your bookings for the same title.

Making a Short Loan Booking

  1. Find the book you want to request on LibrarySearch and click on the title.
  2. Scroll down to the Get Item section and click Sign in if you are not signed in already.
  3. Click the 'Short Loan' links to check if the Library has 3 hour or 24 hour copies.

  4. Choose the 'BACK TO LOCATIONS
  5. Click 'Place a hold for an item on loan or request click and collect' and click the 'Booking' button
  6. Enter the 'Start' date and time that you want to collect the book.
    In the 'End Date' enter a date/time for the short loan period you want, e.g. 24 hours later for 24 hour book and 3 hours later for 3 hour book.
  7. Send Request.

  8. If there are no other bookings at the time you want, you will see the message saying 'Your request was successfully placed' and your request will be listed in your library record in LibrarySearch.

What if the item I want is already booked?

It is good idea to check the 'Availability calendar' before you make a booking.

If you try to make a booking for a time that someone else has requested the item, you will see a message that 'Request conflicts were found'.

  1. Click the 'Check availability' link.
  2. The Calendar will appear in a new browser tab and you can check for an available time. 
    Pre-existing bookings or loans are marked in pink. Other times when bookings can't be made (usually weekends and overnight) are marked in grey and may say Library is closed (even if it is actually open e.g. weekends).
  3. If a suitable time is available for you to make a booking, return to the main LibrarySearch tab in your browser and follow the steps above.