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LibrarySearch (for books, articles and other resources)

What is the Document Delivery Service (DDS)?

The Document Delivery Service (DDS) enables you to request material not in stock in the Library and we will try to obtain it for you. We recommend that you use LibrarySearch and tick the option 'Also show results without full text’ to identify what you need. Then, use one of the following options to automatically complete a request form for you:

  • Request Article
  • Request Book (see also Renewal and return of DDS items)
  • Request Book Chapter
  • Request Conference Proceeding
  • Request Thesis (check EThOS for doctoral theses before making a request)

If the item you want is not in your LibrarySearch results or the result is 'No records found' you can make a request directly at the Document Delivery Service web site.

See the video or guidance notes below on how to use the service.

Alternatively, if you think other library users would benefit from the library owning a book - you can suggest we buy a book: Request the Library buy a book

Use LibrarySearch to request the item you need

  1. Login to the University Portal and select LibrarySearch
  2. Search for the title of your article, chapter or book etc. using the ‘Search Everything’ option.
  3. If there are still no results or if your item isn’t listed in the results, under ‘Tweak your results’ on the right of the screen, tick ‘Also show results without full text’. Then click the magnifying glass to search again.
  4. If the item you want appears in the results but there is no access to it, select ‘If no access – click for ‘How to get it’.
    Tip: if the item you want is not listed in the results - use a blank 'Document Delivery Service' form.
  5. Select: ‘Request Article’ (or Book, Book Chapter or Thesis, depending on the item you want).
  6. Login with your DDS (Clio) username and password. See more login guidance on the left.
  7. Read and accept the conditions on the request form.
  8. Complete any missing data e.g., journal title or page numbers if they are missing, or thesis author which is often missing.
  9. Click Submit.