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NEW RefWorks

Staff and Students now have the option to use NEW RefWorks which has a more modern look and feel adn enhanced functionality e.g. import PDFs

My Bibliography has Little Circles

When pasting text from the Internet (e.g. your RefWorks bibliography), your Word document will sometimes be cluttered with small circles. These are called non-breaking spaces. The circles appear if you paste to a document that is open in your desktop app, but may not appear if you paste to an online version of your document e.g. in OneDrive or SharePoint.

To get rid of the circles:

  1. In Word go to Find > Advanced Find  (or click ctl + F, then select the drop down arrow to select Advanced Find)
  2. In the Find and Replace window, select Replace.
  3. Click the Special tab and select Non-breaking Space.
    You will now see that ^s has appeared in the Find what box.
  4. Type a single space tn the Replace with box, then click Replace All.