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Use RefWorks to collect and manage your references and help with your in-text citations and bibliographies.

My Bibliography has Little Circles

When pasting text from the Internet (e.g. your RefWorks bibliography), your Word document will sometimes be cluttered with small circles. These are called non-breaking spaces. The circles appear if you paste to a document that is open in your desktop app, but may not appear if you paste to an online version of your document e.g. in OneDrive or SharePoint.

To get rid of the circles:

  1. In Word go to Find > Advanced Find  (or click ctl + F, then select the drop down arrow to select Advanced Find)
  2. In the Find and Replace window, select Replace.
  3. Click the Special tab and select Non-breaking Space.
    You will now see that ^s has appeared in the Find what box.
  4. Type a single space tn the Replace with box, then click Replace All.



Remove Field Codes / Content Control

When you insert RefWorks citations and bibliography into a document, computer links between your document and RefWorks are created. RefWorks calls this 'Content Control' although other software may refer to 'Field Codes'.

Publishers usually ask for Field Codes or Content Control to be removed so that the document you send them is plain text. It can also be useful to remove the content control if sending a document to reviewers e.g.documents which include field codes or Content Control can become corrupted if used with 'track changes' function in Word.

IMPORTANT - if you remove the Content Control, your document will no longer be able to change the citations or update the bibliography via RefWorks. Always, take a back up copy of your document before removing the 'Content Control', so that you have a version that will continue to interact with RefWorks should you need it.

  1. Write your document in Word, as usual.
  2. Insert desired citations using RCM
  3. Before removing the Content Control, take a back up copy of your document.
  4. Select all contents in Word (Ctrl+a)
  5. Right click on the content
  6. Click on “Remove Content Control”: