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Law: Westlaw Troubleshooting

Reactivate Westlaw Account

A PDF version of this guidance on Registration incomplete error is also available.

A number of students are unable to access Westlaw and are presented with a Registration incomplete error message.


This error is  likely to happen if your Westlaw account has been inactive for a length of time as Westlaw deactivate inactive accounts. 

If you receive the ‘Registration incomplete’ or similar message you can request that your account is reactivated as follows: 

Connect to Thomson Reuters Online Product Support  

Complete the support form.  

  1. Nature of Query = Using Online Services 

  1. Query type = Cannot access subscribed content 

  1. Enter your name and other details 

  • First name 

  • Surname 

  • Organisation name = University of Stirling 

  • Address = University of Stirling 

  • Town = Stirling 

  • Postal code = FK9 4LA (or just put Stirling) 

  • Country = United Kingdom 

  • Your Email Address = your university email address 

  • Telephone number = n/a 

  • Account number = University of Stirling 

  • Invoice number = n/a 

  • Product name = Westlaw UK, Practical Law and Westlaw Books (this may appear as you type, if not, you can just type Westlaw). 

  • Query Subject = Reactivate Westlaw Account 

  • Query Details = I am currently enrolled at the University of Stirling and require access to Westlaw content. My University ID and user name = Add your own username and Student ID number here.

  1. Tick the box to confirm “I’m not a robot” and click Submit. 

If you do not get a response from Thomson Reuters (Westlaw) within 2-3 days, please contact and let us know when you submitted your form. 

OnePass Login Page

If you see the 'Sign in using OnePass' login when you are connecting to Westlaw:

  • please ignore the username and password boxes
  • scroll down and click the option to 'Access through academic institution'
  • Select University of Stirling from the drop down menu

Westlaw Registration Key

Students and staff at University of Stirling do not require a 'registration key' to access Westlaw .

If  you are asked for a registration key:

  • Try clearing your browser cache or use a different browser.
  • Try connecting to Westlaw again at a later time and be sure to access via the Law Library Subject Guide or Databases A-Z.
  • If this issue persists, please contact the Library with a description of the problem and if possible provide a screenshot.