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Altmetric at Stirling: Ensure your articles are tracked

Ensuring your research outputs are tracked in Altmetric

Get your research out there. If people know about your research, they talk about it and you can track that attention.


  • Deposit your articles:

Make sure you deposit your articles and other research outputs in our Research Management System and attach the full-text for STORRE. (We send the publication records from these systems to Altmetric quarterly so they can ensure they are listed and tracked).


  • Mention specific articles:

When you tweet, blog, facebook, etc. aim to mention specific articles and research outputs.


  • Include a direct link:

To be tracked by Altmetric it is best to include a direct link to the article using a unique identifier (you can still then use a link shortener like bitly or twitter's own):


  • Use the best link:

a) The best link to use is the STORRE handle URL e.g. This is the unique, persistent URL that starts 'http://hdl.handle' that is displayed at the top of the STORRE record details. Altmetric track STORRE's handle URLs.

From the STORRE record readers can download the article (or if embargoed, can use the Request from Author button) - so you are making it easy to read the full article and therefore also encouraging traditional citations. The STORRE record also includes a DOI link to the publisher version (for those who have access).


b) If the item is not in STORRE, then use the DOI URL (the prefix '' followed by the DOI number - turns the DOI into a hyperlink) e.g.


If you like - you can use both the STORRE handle URL and the DOI URL.


c) If the research paper has neither of the above identifiers use the reference details eg. Article title, journal title and a URL.


You can also link to datasets or objects that are hosted on sites like DataSTORRE (use the handle URL, and figshare (use the DOI URL,