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Altmetric at Stirling: Altmetric Score and Donut

Altmetric Score and Donut

Altmetric donuts, give a quick visual indicator of the attention a publication has received on the Web.

  • The number at the centre of the donut is the headline “score of attention”.
  • The score is a weighted metric that is based on counts of mentions of the article in the sources monitored by Altmetric.
  • The colours around the edge indicate the type of mentions and their weightings.  


The score has an important limitation: if the article was published before July 2011, Altmetric will have missed any transient mentions of it, tweets in particular. As such, its score won’t be accurate, and will represent a lower bound of the attention received.


  • Hover your mouse over the donut and you’ll see the types of mentions the article has had.


  • Click on the donut to see even more details via the Altmetric website - you can view the individual mentions by type, for example, a list of all the mentions in News. 


  • Click on the headline of any mention listed to see the original context.