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Altmetric at Stirling: Home

Altmetrics (Alternative metrics)

Altmetrics (or Alternative metrics) can be used to measure how scholarly articles are being shared, used and discussed on the Web and in social media.

Altmetrics complement traditional metrics such as 'times cited' counts displayed in databases like Web of Science and Scopus.

There is a growing list of tools for measuring these article metrics: this guide is about the tool named 'Altmetric'.

What are Altmetrics (by Altmetric)

Altmetric for Institutions at Stirling

Altmetric is a free tool that tracks social media attention to research papers.

The University also subscribes to Altmetric for Institutions: this is a service that helps you monitor and report on your own research papers, as well as Stirling's research papers more generally and all other research papers tracked by Altmetric.

Via the Altmetric Explorer dashboard, you can browse the data for all of Stirling's (and others') research papers, create and save reports, set-up email alerts for new activity, and export data to Excel for further analysis. An account is not required to browse the data, but is required to save reports and set-up email alerts. Quickly create an account using the sign-in option at the top of the page.

Guides for Altmetric for Institutions