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Below you can find information on how to access Datastream

FAME - for company data and mailing lists

FAME contains 7 million UK firms including private limited companies. Find companies by region, county or post code. FAME is excellent for marketing projects or surveys where you need to identify and contact a list of companies. It could be useful for sending your CV.

Finding Financial Data


Welcome to the Company Information Guide.

These resources provide contact details, profit and loss, balance sheets, ratios, equities, market indices, bonds, foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities and derivatives, and news and many other company and financial details.


Capital IQ contains data on worldwide equities and private companies, Indices, commodities, fixed income, M&A. It is also an excellent source of Macroeconomic data and exchange rates. Most data is available for at least 10 years.

The following link will take you directly to Capital IQ without requirement to login.

If you have any difficulties accessing CIQ with the link above, please report the issue to While the problem is investigated you may register for a personal login (if you don't have one already to use the Excel plug-in) and access

'My Capital IQ' and Excel Plug-inundefined

 The Capital IQ Office Plug-in allows you to quickly build and manipulate financial models and spreadsheets by accessing company financials, estimates, market data, transactions, ownership, fixed income data and more, directly within Excel.

To download the Plug-in, access Capital IQ > 'My Capital IQ > Downloads 

To use the Plug-in you will need to register for your own CIQ account (see link below).

Only Stirling Management Students and Staff may register. Please note: it may take 24-48 hours to receive your login.

More Sources of Company Information

Other company information resources

Related Resources

Company Reports

Capital IQ Help Resources

One or two of the following resources were produced at the University of Stirling but most is content directly from S&P Capital IQ