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Ordering library materials

Ordering library materials (academic staff)

Academic staff may recommend books and DVDs for Library purchase using our Library Electronic Ordering service.

Please check LibrarySearch to see whether we already have the book and when filling out the order form give as much detail as possible.

Please use the Notes field for any extra information (e.g. contact details for specialist publishers). If you would like to be notified when the item arrives, please indicate in the Notes field.

If you are ordering materials for a reading list, you can simply add the item to your reading list, tag it as a Purchase Request and the Library will buy it (see the Reading Lists tab on the left and the Reading Lists Guide).

What happens next?

Ebooks are generally available very quickly (within a few days). You can then access ebooks via LibrarySearch.

Print books and DVDs will take longer to arrive. Order details will appear in LibrarySearch with an estimated date of arrival for the bookitem.

When the item arrives, you'll be sent an email to let you know that it's available.

Ordering journals

If you would like to order a new journal subscription, please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian.

Core Texts (eTextbooks)

If your module is heavily dependent upon a single textbook and the students will not be purchasing their own copy let the Library know if you would like us to try to procure ‘eTextbook’ copies (see below for more information about eTextbooks).  We will assess whether the Library already has sufficient provision (e.g. an unlimited user ebook licence) before making a purchasing decision.

Many modules use the same core text year on year so if you know which title you are using, please tell us as soon as possible (no need to wait until your reading list is completed).

eTextbook request form 

More about Core Texts and eTextbooks

Many publishers have moved to an eTextbook model for popular textbooks. This means they are marketed for students to purchase. Publishers will not sell these texts as regular ebooks for general Library use (i.e. we can’t purchase and add to LibrarySearch for ‘everyone’ to access). If the University is to make these books available electronically, it must purchase a copy for each individual student on the module.

eTextbooks can't be reused by other students in future so copies have to be purchased for each cohort. You need to tell us each year that you will be using the same or a different core text.

Due to the significant cost, only one eTextbook can usually be purchased for a single module.

Reading lists and requesting digitisation

Create and manage your reading list from the ‘ReadingList’ link in your Canvas module or directly from

Guidance is available at or see the Reading List Mini Guide. Contact your Academic Liaison Librarian for further help and support.

Once you have created or reused a previous list please click the Publish button, which makes your list available to your students and alerts the Library to check it (copyright, stock availability, digitisation, etc.).

You may continue to edit and make changes to your list after it is published but if you add more sources, please click the Library Review button to tell us further checks are required.

We need to receive your list 4 weeks before the start of your module to allow time to obtain the required resources. We will endeavour to check and procure material for lists sent for Library Review after this time but cannot guarantee material will be available for the start of Semester.

See a sample electronic reading list.

Digitisation requests

If you would like us to digitise a book chapter or article, please request this via the reading list (click on the Digitization request link).

TV/radio recordings and film digitisation

Box of Broadcasts icon



Box of Broadcasts includes TV and radio programmes going back to the 1990s. You can embed clips or whole programmes from Box of Broadcasts into Canvas and make them available to students based in the UK. You can also request recordings of upcoming programmes. 

The TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching) database lists TV and radio programmes which have been recorded and also planned recordings of future broadcasts.

The University has an ERA + (Educational Recordings Agency) licence which allows copyright protected television and radio programmes to be used for teaching purposes. For more information see  the ERA booklet and further details about the licence from the the ERA web site.


Many films are included in Box of Broadcasts. We can purchase access to films supplied by online services such as Kanopy, but we are not able to subscribe to services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime, who only sell subscriptions to individuals. If the film you want is not available in Box of Broadcasts, we can digitise from a DVD and make the film available in Canvas for a limited period. Please contact your Academic Liaison Librarian to request this service.

Transfer books to Short Loan

Please use this form to request transfer of books to the Short Loan collection.