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Finding Full-Text: Browser plug-ins

Finding Full-text of Articles

It's not always easy to find the full-text of journal articles, but there are a number of browser plug-ins that can help.  Both for finding the full-text of articles in journals the library subscribes to and also for free Open Access articles.

Google Scholar Button

We previously wrote a blog post about Google Scholar Button:

Google Scholar button enables you to check if you have access (subscription or Open Access) to an article. When viewing a web page of an article (or select the text of any publication reference), click on the Google Scholar button and it automatically runs a search in Google Scholar and returns the top results in a little popup window on the web page you are on.

The results include links to the full-text.  Setup 'University of Stirling' in your Google Scholar settings – this means the links will include Stirling’s journal subscriptions:

Go to Google Scholar, choose the menu icon in the top left hand corner, select Settings, select Library Links, search for: Stirling, select the ‘Stirling University Library’ option, click Save

Other nice features:

  • Click on the cite icon (looks like a quotation mark), you can then choose to export the reference to bibliographic management software such as Endnote and RefWorks
  • Run a search in Google, then click the button – and it runs the same search in Google Scholar and brings the results back

LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad is a browser add-on for the Chrome and Firefox browsers that provides access to articles available through Library subscriptions - or legal Open Access alternatives. It also links our Webbridge service to publisher web sites to show when the Library has a subscription and if not, to point you to other ways to access an article.

LibKey Nomad requires your permission to change data on sites you visit. LibKey is not collecting any personal information. You can view their privacy policy here.

Once LibKey Nomad is installed, you will be prompted to select an institution. You can type stirling in the box to get a short list quickly. Click on University of Stirling to complete the process.

LibKey Nomad will recognise many academic publishers' pages, but does not currently work for JSTOR. Major sites include:

  • AAAS (Science)
  • Cambridge University Press
  • Elsevier ScienceDirect
  • Nature
  • Oxford University Press
  • PubMed
  • SpringerLink
  • Taylor & Francis
  • Wiley Online Library


Legal Open Access articles

  • LibKey Nomad includes Unpaywall data to deliver Open Access versions of articles when subscribed options are not available.


Using LibKey Nomad

LibKey Nomad scans the pages you visit for publisher URLs. When you land on a page with an article that is available to download, you get a banner alert from LibKey Nomad. Click to download the PDF.

For example on a publisher’s web pages:


In PubMed:

LibKey Nomad will connect you to our Webbridge service when you land on a page where we don't have current access. For example, below the library has access at JSTOR but not at Wiley Online – click on the “Access Options” banner to be routed via Webbridge to JSTOR.



If you know of other useful tools for accessing full-text -

let us know:

Endnote Click

Endnote Click (formerly Kopernio) provides a link to the "best available full-text PDF" of an article and works in the same way as other OA browser extensions; by searching for an OA version on open databases on the Internet. But it's less common feature is that you can set up Endnote Click so that it will also provide a link to enable you to first check whether Stirling's Library provides subscription access.

A guide to getting the most out of Endnote Click and setting up your connection to check your possible subscription access to the PDF, before Endnote Click delivers an OA version, is available - link to guide.

We've found that Endnote Click is best used when you're not on a University computer on campus - because on campus subscription access to articles will be automatic and the other plugins on this page will find OA content.