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Stirling Research Theses: Collections

E-Theses in STORRE

Our Open Access repository, STORRE, includes the full text of all University of Stirling research theses from September 2006 onwards; covering PhDs, Masters of Philosophy and Masters by Research plus Professional Higher Degrees by Research.

A significant number of our older theses are also included due to on-going digitisation of our paper theses as part our participation in the British Library's EThOS service.

Our Paper Research Theses

A number of our pre-2007 paper research theses have not yet been digitised. All our paper and digitised theses are listed in our Library Catalogue. You can request free digitisation of a Stirling paper thesis via the British Library's EThOS service.

Stirling Research Publications Collection

Search and browse the University’s research publications in STORRE, our Online Research Repository.

STORRE holds a continually growing collection of the full text of the research outputs of University of Stirling authors. It includes published journal articles, conference papers, book chapters, theses, etc.