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Aquaculture: Data & Statistics

Industry Reports & Statistics

Search Statista by keyword e.g. fisheries, aquaculture etc.for a range of statistics, forecasts, industry reports etc.

Search IBISWorld by keyword e.g. fisheries, aquaculture etc. for industry and market reports, statistics etc. from UK, US and China.

Statistical Analysis Books

As well as the sources of statistics listed on this page, there are many books in the library on handling statistics with the statistical program "R".  For example, see: Biostatistical Design and Analysis Using R (ebook) by Logan, Statistics: an introduction using R by Crawley, The R book (ebook) by Crawley, How to be a Quantitative Ecologist: The 'A to R' of Green Mathematics and Statistics (ebook) by Matthiopoulos,  Discovering statistics using R by Field, Miles & Field, Statistics for ecologists using R and Excel: data collection, exploration, analysis and presentation by Gardener, Beginning R : the statistical programming language (ebook) by Gardener, Introductory Statistics with R (ebook) by Dalgaard,  Applied Statistical Genetics with R: For Population-based Association Studies (ebook) by Foulkes.

Fishery & Aquaculture Statistics

Research Data

Environment Statistics

UK Statistics