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Resource Lists at Stirling: Academic staff and resource lists

How to use Resource\Reading Lists at Stirling


Welcome to a Guide on how to use Resource Lists at Stirling

We use resource list software at Stirling called Aspire.


It is very important to let us know if any of your links are not working on your resource list - please email us

Why use ASPIRE ?


There is only one text book for the module? Is a resource list required?

Yes please. It is helpful to create a resource list no matter how small.  Students are getting into the habit checking the Succeed ‘resource list’ section for required reading and the Library will ensure that we always have the latest edition (or different edition if specified). 

My reading list includes journal articles only. Is a resource list required?

Yes please.  The Library will check that we have access to all the articles and provide electronic links.  We will check copyright and obtain digitised copies of articles not covered by our subscriptions where this is possible.

This is a dissertation module and the students must search for all reading material independently. Is a resource list required?

In this case a resource list could contain links to the appropriate Library Subject Resource Guide (e.g. select from guides at: or specific databases to aid independent research.

Links to guidance on using Word effectively for long documents, references to texts on research methods, dissertation guidance, statistical analysis tools etc. could be included if appropriate. See the Library guide on writing up which may be a useful starting point.

I have provided pdf copies of all the readings in Succeed.  Is a resource list required?

Have you checked that these are legal copies?  Most publishers do not permit copies of journal articles, book chapters etc. to be made available online unless this is with specific copyright permission or under conditions of a licence.

A resource list is more secure as the Library will provide stable links to journal articles. We will also check copyright and obtain digitised copies of articles and chapters where this is possible under the University’s CLA licence.  We will keep you informed if there are difficulties in obtaining copyright clearance for any references.

I have provided links to journal articles in Succeed.  Is a resource list required?

Students frequently report that links in Succeed do not work. This is often because links are to a ‘search’ which will not re-run, or the web address may have changed.  Links to subscription journal articles may not work outside the University.

The Library will ensure ‘permalinks’ or other stable links with appropriate University authentication are used in the resource list.  Students can report problems accessing the resources and we will fix the links as soon as possible.

My reading list includes over 100 references.  Can I have a resource list?

To enable the Library to create more lists and to enhance the student experience for a greater number of students we have implemented a limit of 100 items on any resource list created after July 2011. If a resource list covers the whole academic year then the limit is 200 items. This was approved at QEC in May 2011 and endorsed by the Students' Union.

Video on how to set up a profile and use statistics