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RefWorks: Deleting & Removing References

RefWorks helps you to collect and organise your references and automatically create bibliographies and reference lists. It comes with a Write-N-Cite add-on to help with your in-text citations.

Help with RefWorks

I deleted references by mistake. Can I get them back?

Your deleted references are retained for 30 days.  You can restore them at any time during the 30 day interval.

  1. Click View - Deleted References.
  2. Select the references to be restored.
  3. Click the Restore icon.

RefWorks for Systematic Reviews

This guide provides some suggestions for organising references and dealing with duplicates but may not suit all requirements. For further help contact the Library.

More on Systematic Reviews

The methodologies in these guides are not approved by Stirling University and are provided for information and to give ideas.

Remove References from a Folder

If you wish to remove a reference from a folder but still keep it available in your database to use again, select the reference and click the Remove button.


Deleting References

Caution: If you delete any reference by using the red cross button it will be deleted completely from your dabase. It will no longer be available in any of your folders.  If you have cited it in a document using Write-N-Cite your citation may be corrupted and your bibliography may not update properly.

You can use the red cross to delete an individual reference or a selection of references.

Deleting Folders

Right click on a folder and choose Delete Folder from the drop-down list.  Alternatively select the Organise & Share tab, click on the small folder icon next to the folder you wish to delete and choose Delete Folder.

Note: If you delete a folder which still contains references they will remain in your 'All References' list so that you can use them again in future.  If you wish to delete all the references in a folder so that they are no longer in your database you need to select and delete them before deleting the folder.