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RefWorks: RefWorks on a Mac

RefWorks helps you to collect and organise your references and automatically create bibliographies and reference lists. It comes with a Write-N-Cite add-on to help with your in-text citations.

Mac Users With Microsoft Word 2016

If you use Microsoft Word 2016 on a Mac you will need to create your in-text citations using RefWorks Citation Manager instead of Write-N-Cite (which is not compatible with Word 2016 on a Mac). RefWorks Citation Manager is specifically designed for the New Version of RefWorks.

For earlier versions of Word you may still use RefWorks legacy version with Write-N-Cite - for further details see

New Refworks

To create an account for new RefWorks

  1. ​Go to and click the 'sign up' link.
  2. Complete your details including your University of Stirling email address.

Once you activate your account (you'll receive an email with a link to complete the registration process), you’ll get access immediately and can get started managing your documents.

Further guidance on how to use the new RefWorks is available at:


RCM freezing/not adding new citations?

This sometimes happens if you have you moved sections of text around in your document i.e. cut a section which included citations inserted using RefWorks Citation Manager and pasted it elsewhere. If this is the case the document can get corrupted and you may need to remove the RefWorks coding in your document and reinsert your references by following the steps below.

1. Select all text via the "select all" text command.


2. Right click and select "remove content control". That will in effect remove all the content control boxes in the document and convert all citations to be just plain text. This needs to be done to cleanse the document of corrupt RCM code.


3. Remove the bibliography to avoid confusion.


4. Once this has been done go back and re-cite them all again. The in text citations will still be in the text so they should act as a guideline for you and hopefully make the process less time consuming.

RefWorks is investigating this problem and trying to improve the RCM add-in so that it does not happen in future.

Installing RefWorks Citation Manager (RCM) on a Mac

From the Insert tab click Add-ins and select the Store.

From the Office Add-ins Store search for RefWorks and select RefWorks Citation Manager and click Add.

Before you can log in and start using RefWorks Citation Manager you will need to have an account for New RefWorks (see separate instructions).

Log in to RefWorks Citation Manager using your email address and your New RefWorks password.

Using RefWorks Citation Manager

The RefWorks Citation Manager will appear on your screen once you have logged in. The All references list from your New RefWorks account will appear.


  • Select the reference(s) you want for your in-text citation and click  or if you wish to add a page number to your citation click  and in the suffix box type a space and your page number e.g. p. 36.
  • You can click   to select one of your RefWorks folders instead of the all references list
  • RefWorks Citation Manager will use the most recent referencing style that you used in new RefWorks. To change this click the settings donut and click Change citation style.



  • The current style will be listed. Click the drop-down menu and type the style you want in the search box then select it. In the following example the original style was Harvard Business Review and the style required is Cite Them Right.
    (Mostly though you will choose from the list of styles recommended for your modules e.g. Harvard Stirling University, APA 16th, Chicago 16th, IEEE or MLA)
  • Once you have selected your style click the donut settings again and select Update document.