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NEW RefWorks

Staff and Students now have the option to use NEW RefWorks which has a more modern look and feel adn enhanced functionality e.g. import PDFs

Upgrade Documents Containing WCN Citions to RCM

Important : Upgrading WNC to RCM works well on short documents. However, if you still are working on a long document containing many citations it may be best to complete it with WNC.

  1. Import all your references from Legacy RefWorks to New RefWorks.
  2. Install RCM from the Office Add-in store if you have not done that already
  3. Take a backup copy of the document you wish to upgrade.
  4. Open the document you wish to upgrade and click the 'RefWorks' tab in Word.
  5. If your document is already logged in to WNC click Log Out.
  6. Click Log In and when the Log in box appears, enter your New RefWorks user name and password

  7. The following screen should appear after a few moments (if not, click RCM) and you can followi the screen instructions to upgrade your document: