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Library Catalogue Help: Search for Books

Search the Library Catalogue

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Refine your results

You can refine your search from the options on the left of your search results under the Refine by heading.

These will give you different options to limit your search results, like Availability, Format, Location and more.

After you have selected some of those options to refine your search, they will appear at the top left side of the screen under ​Current Refinements​. ​To remove them, simply click on the X​ button to the right of it.

Under the Refine by options there will be the Related Searches heading, where you will find Related topics, a list of topics related to your search, and Additional Suggestions to your search.

Print Books

  • Select the Books tab. If you know the title of the book, type your title in the search box. Do not change the default Keyword search. If you know the author's last name then add it in the search box with the title as well. Click Go.

  • If you don’t have a specific title in mind, select the Books tab and in the default Keyword search, enter your keyword(s)/topic(s), you can enter a combination of title/ author/ keyword, if for example you are looking for a book on Essay Writing by Hume, type Essay Writing Hume, and click Go.

Because the catalogue searches are keyword-driven, it would be best not to include an author's initials when you add an author's name in your search, you can use either their full first or last name or both.  

You can use the options on the left to refine your results. Under Format choose Print ​if you only want to look for print books, or Ebooks ​if you are only interested in Ebooks.

Under Location you can chose to only view items at Stirling Campus, Highland Campus, Leighton Library etc. (The locations are listed alphabetically so Stirling Campus might not be in the visible options, if you can’t see it click on more, this will open a small window with the full list of locations. Select your preferred one.

If you want a book that is not available in the library you can request it using the Document Delivery Service.