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EndNote: EndNote for Personal Devices

Guidance and support material for using EndNote referencing software.

EndNote Licence for Personal Devices

The University's EndNote licence allows current staff and students to have a copy of the software installed on their personally owned computer. The software must:

  • Only be installed on on your own device
  • Not be passed on to anyone else to use
  • Be removed from personal devices on leaving the University.

Connect to Your EndNote Library on Your H: drive

VPN is an alternative method to access the same database across different devices but you must still maintain a backup of your Library.

If your EndNote Library is stored on your University H: drive

  • You can connect to it from any device on the University network.
  • You can also connect to it from your personal device if you have the University's VPN service (Forticlient) installed on it. This means that you do not need to create an EndNote Library on your personal device - you simply connect to Forticlient and open the Library on your H: drive.


When working from any shared drive it is crucial that you maintain frequent backup steps for your database. This means if anything becomes corrupted you can rely on your backup:

  • Take frequent backups  (File > Compressed Library)
  • Frequently sync to EndNote Online (Tools > Sync)

For details on getting VPN setup on your devices see: Stirling VPN - remote access to network folders. If you need help contact the Information Centre.

How to Request an EndNote Licence for Personal Device

Complete and submit the Request Endnote for own device form agreeing to abide by the terms of the licence. The Information Centre staff will then contact you with instructions on how to download the software or update the licence codes.


EndNote on Multiple Devices - the Golden Rules

If you are working with EndNote on multiple devices it is crucial that you keep both versions up to date and you have a backup in case anything goes wrong.

  • Take frequent backups (File > Compressed Library (.enlx))
  • Synchronise your data via EndNote Online (Tools > Sync)
  • Always close your Library when you are not working on it.

If you make changes to your library always take a backup and sync before closing it. When you change to your other device always sync when you open your Library (and again, take a backup and sync when you are finished making changes).

Steps of Syncing Across Devices

Device 1

  • Sync to EndNote Online (Tools > Sync)
  • Finish making changes to your EndNote Library (adding references, editing etc.)
  • Backup your EndNote Library (File > Compressed Library)
  • Sync to EndNote Online (Tools > Sync)

Device 2

  • If this is the first time you are using EndNote on the second device, create a new blank library with the same name as your other device (File > New), thereafter simply open your Library.
  • Sync to EndNote Online (Tools > Sync). If this is the first time you are using the new Library all your records will be pulled in and organised as they are in your other machine, thereafter any changes made on Device 1 will be updated here.
  • Finish making changes to your EndNote Library (adding references, editing etc.)
  • Backup your EndNote Library (File > Compressed Library)
  • Sync to EndNote Online (Tools > Sync)

Setup to Sync with EndNote Online

  1. Set up an EndNote (or Web of Science) account if you don't have one already.
    (Portal > Resources tab > A-Z Online Resources > Web of Science > Sign In > Register)
  2. Edit the 'Sync' preferences In EndNote Desktop on each of your computers
    (EndNote Desktop > Edit > Preferences > Sync)
    Enter the email address and password you used for your EndNote Online (or Web of Science) account and make sure the file path to your EndNote Library is correct.