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Database Guides: Digimap Services Overview

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


Full name

Digimap Services from EDINA

What is it?

Digimap is a collection of EDINA services that deliver maps and map data of Great Britain to UK tertiary education. Data is available either to download to use with appropriate application software such as GIS or CAD, or as maps generated by Digimap online.

Digimap Collections

Stirling University Library has access to the following Digimap Collections:


Each Digimap Collection has a different licence.


Ordnance Survey Products available in the Digimap OS Collection 



How to access it

Login to Portal Go to the Library Subject Guide for Biological and Environmental Sciences or Aquaculture:

Portal > Resources tab > Library Subject Guides (or Select the Maps & Geospatial tab.

Alternatively, login to the Portal and then choose A-Z List of online resources, then name of the Digimap Collection you wish to use.


You must register to use each Digimap collection. Enter your details, including your University email address (it is essential your email address is entered correctly). Then an email will be sent to you containing a link to activate your account. Open the email and click on 'Verify email address'. After verifying your email address, when you login to Digimap you will be asked to agree to licences for each of the Digimap collections you wish to use. For more details see Digimap Registration.



If you encounter any problems with registration contact the EDINA Help Desk:




Support at Stirling provided by: Thiago Silva, Lecturer Environmental Informatics, Biological and Environmental Sciences, Email:  Phone: 01786 467853.

EDINA provides a lot of help and guidance via their Digimap Resource Centre.

See also EDINA's Digimap Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Twitter Account.



Printing eps files from Digimap:

Digimap allows users to print maps, either directly from a Web browser, or if higher quality is required by downloading an EPS image file of a map, which can then be printed on a suitable local printer.

Before you get to the printing stage you may have problems opening and viewing eps files in Internet Explorer, you should make sure any pop up window blockers are switched off (or use an alternative browser, for example, Firefox browser)

In computing labs on campus: Double click the "PrintFile" Icon on the PC desktop (not all computer labs  have this, but it works in computer lab 3V3). Click on "Print File...", select your .eps file, select "OK" to queue the print job. A "Print File warning" will appear, click "Yes" to proceed. Then it's the standard procedure to release your print job from any Pharos print station.