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eBooks: eBooks FAQ

Information about eBooks at University of Stirling.

This Frequently Asked Questions Web page is being developed. Please send any questions or suggestions to and we will get back to you.

Why is the title I want not in the Library as an ebook?

There are various reasons the Libary does not have an ebook including:

  • An ebook may not have been created by the publisher or suppliers.
  • The publisher may not allow an ebook to be added to Library stock.
  • An ebook might not have been available at the time we purchased our print copy. 
  • The publisher or supplier may only provide a title as an eTextbook.

If you would like us to check a particular title use the Request a Book for the Library form.

What are eTextbooks?

eTextbooks are 'core' texts likely to be in heavy demand. Publishers and book suppliers market these directly to students. If universities provide eTextbooks, they must purchase a copy for each student on a module. This is a significant cost and can't be afforded for many titles.

The Library has provided a selection of eTextbooks that students can download for a Semester or longer (it varies between titles) and are available via some Resource Lists in Canvas or from the Library Catalogue. Typically these are from eTextbook suppliers Kortext or BibliU.