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Kudos: Measuring the activity

A description of how to get the most out of Kudos

Measuring the activity

It takes 24 hours for Kudos to start measuring activity.  Therefore the day after you have shared your publication go back into Kudos and see the results of your efforts.  Please note: Every time you generate a link that registers as one share.

You can then click on the link to get more detailed metrics

So in this example we can see can see that of their two shares, the one via Twitter was substantially more successful (31 clicks against 2 from LinkedIn – so already for this user, they’re learning that their Twitter network is more responsive then their LinkedIn network – and may be in future they won’t take the time to add posts to LinkedIn as well.

The graph maps the point when you explain and share against growth in metrics and shows how your actions correlate to growth in metrics

You also get a snapshot of your Altmetric score .  Altmetric provides a measure of all the attention and online impact that research has had.  See our Library Guide on Altmetric for further information.

This is unique! Kudos is the only place that you can see communications metrics mapped to publications metrics so you can begin to understand what does or doesn’t drive success