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Library Catalogue Help: Placing, Viewing and Cancelling a Hold

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Short Loan Collection Bookings

If the item is located in Short Loan Collection use Short Loan Collection Bookings.

Are there fines for late returns?

Yes, we have to ensure that the library stock is returned in a timely fashion.

Fine tariff
3 - hour loan:  50p per hour or part of hour
24 - hour loan:  50p per hour or part of hour
24 - hour photocopy loan:  10p per hour or part of hour
Popular loan:  5p per day  OR - if required by another user: 50p per day or part of day
Long loan:  5p per day or part of day  OR if required by another user:  50p per day or part of day

Users will be blocked from borrowing when they reach £10 in total for any item or items overdue.
Borrowers may be charged the replacement cost of any items lost or damaged while in their possession.


Holds can be placed on books which are out on loan, (you cannot place a hold on a book that is available). When you place a hold on a book, you will receive an automated message as soon as the book is checked back in the library, and the book will be placed on a trolley in the Short Loan area for you to pick up from. 

How to place a Hold

  • Find book in Library catalogue
  • Click on Request/Hold button
  • Login to My Library Account
  • Select I have a deadline for this material and enter a date after which you do not need the item 
  • If there is more than one copy, select the item you wish to place a hold on
  • Click on Submit
  • Log out of your Account by clicking on log out at the top of the screen
  • You will receive an email when the book is available for collection
  • Items can be collected from the trolley in the Short Loan area marked "Reserved Items for Collection". The book will have a slip with the first four letters of your surname and the last four digits of your student number. It will be placed on the trolley alphabetically by your last name. 

If you place a hold on a long loan item, the current borrower will be asked to return the book within 1 week.



Viewing and Cancelling Holds

To see a list of holds you have placed, click on Holds, you will see a screen similar to the one below. Select the item you wish to cancel and click on Cancel Selected. To cancel all holds click on Cancel All.