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Library Catalogue Help: Advanced Search

Search the Library Catalogue

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Refine your results

You can refine your search from the options on the left of your search results under the Refine by heading.

These will give you different options to limit your search results, like AvailabilityFormatLocation and more.

After you have selected some of those options to refine your search, they will appear at the top left side of the screen under ​Current Refinements​. ​To remove them, simply click on the X​ button to the right of it.

Under the Refine by options there will be the Related Searches heading, where you will find Related topics, a list of topics related to your search, and Additional Suggestions to your search.

Advanced Search

  • In Advanced Search you can choose in which field of the library record you want to search. You can use the dropdown menu to select from Keyword, Title, Subject or Author Search.

  • You can combine terms by using the Boolean operators And, Or, and Not. Use And when you want results that contain both of your search terms, use Or when you want your results to contain either one or both of your search terms and use Not for a term that you want to exclude from your search.

  • You can prelimit you search by Year. This will only give you results with items published on the years you specify.

  • You can also prelimt your results by Format, Language, Collection, and Location

Advanced Search will only search the local catalogue and so it will not search for articles. If you want to search for articles using advanced search options you should search the library’s databases. You can find our online databases listed alphabetically on our A-Z online resources or by subject on our Subject Research Guides.