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Copyright: Television & Radio

A guide to UK copyright

Help with Copyright

Using audio or video in teaching

The Educational Recording Agency Licence (ERA)

The University has an ERA + (Educational Recordings Agency) licence which allows copyright protected television and radio programmes to be used for teaching purposes. Recordings can be made of any scheduled free to air broadcasts including -

  • BBC Television and radio
  • ITV1, ITV2 and ITV3
  • Channel 4, More 4, E4 and Film 4
  • Five Television
  • S4C

You can search Box of Broadcasts for programmes which have been recorded and also request recordings of upcoming programmes. Box of Broadcasts includes TV and radio programmes going back to the 1990s.

The TRILT (Television and Radio Index for Learning and Teaching) database also lists the  TV and radio programmes which have been recorded and also planned recordings of future broadcasts.

If the programme is not in Box of Broadcasts or TRILT you may still be able to obtain copies via the BUVFC (British Universities Film & Video Council) who run a back-up service covering broadcasts from 1998 onwards.

How to make a BUFVC request

Email with the full details - title, channel, date and time broadcast. If you are unsure of the details try searching TRILT

Let us know how you want to use the recording. For example, if you want to make the recording available to students in Canvas or if you want a copy of the programme to show in a lecture.  We'll then let you know when the recordings are available.

What you can do with these recordings?

The ERA+ Licence allows us to supply copies of programmes for education use. You can embed clips or whole programmes from Box of Broadcasts into Canvas and make them available to students based in the UK. We can also obtain copies of recordings on DVD which can be placed in the library for students to borrow.

For more information see  the ERA booklet and further details about the licence from the the ERA web site

Using clips from DVDs in teaching

Clips from Box of Broadcasts may be added to Canvas. Recent changes to copyright legislation in the UK mean than it is now possible to place copies of small extracts from DVDs on Canvas, providing the purpose is for instruction and only students on the module may have access to the recordings. The copying must be "fair", i.e,  it must not negatively impact on the market for the work. So for example you could make a copy of a brief extract from a film and place that in Canvas for students to view.

If you have questions about using this type of material in your teaching please contact us.



Programmes via the BBC iPlayer are supplied for personal use only, for details see Terms of Use of BBC Online Services - Personal Use

You may not make copies. If you want to use any programmes supplied via the BBC iPlayer in your teaching you could simply direct students to the BBC web site and recommend they watch the programme or make a request under the ERA Licence and we will try to obtain a copy of the programme.

Other producers

Other producers of television and films may be willing to allow use of their programmes in your teaching. You always require permission to make copies of any programme. For example Warnerbros TV has a useful website which details how you can obtain permission to use clips or stills from their films and television programmes.