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RefWorks: Backup RefWorks

RefWorks helps you to collect and organise your references and automatically create bibliographies and reference lists. It comes with a Write-N-Cite add-on to help with your in-text citations.


To Backup Your RefWorks Account

  1. Connect to the University Portal and access your RefWorks account
  2. From either the Tools or the References menu select Backup & Restore
  3. RefWorks will by default backup all of your references, attachments, RSS feeds and any styles you may have created.  If you do not wish to retain any of these you can unselect the options.
  4. Click Perform Backup
  5. You should get a download file pop-up giving you the option to save your back-up.  Click the drop-down menu on the Save button and choose Save As so that you can save the file. The file will be in .rwb format, note you won't be able to open this file as it is only readable by RefWorks.

To Restore your RefWorks Account:

If you need to restore the latest Backup:

  1. From either the Tools or the References menu select Backup & Restore
  2. Select the Restore option (Click on the arrowhead to open/close a section).
  3. Browse to find the Backup file.
  4. Make the selection to include References, RSS feeds, attachments and output styles.
  5. Click on the Perform Restore button

Note: Using the Restore option will overwrite everything already in your RefWorks account.