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Database Guides: TRIP

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


What is it?

A research based database covering evidence based materials.

What is it for?

Use it to find information on evidence based research. It contains medical images, patient information leaflets and clinical coverage of peer reviewed journals.

How to access it

Login to the Portal and then choose Trip from the A-Z List of Online Resources.

How to search

See Successful Search Techniques

Switching between the material searched

Trip allows uers to search for "Evidence" as well as "Medical Images" and "Patient Information leaflets. To switch between these different search types press the appropriate tab given above the search box (on the home page). On the results page you can simply press on the tab at the top of the results.

There is an Advanced Search. There are two ways of searching in the Advanced Search.

Title; which looks for matching keywords in the title.

Title and text; which looks for the keywords or synonyms within the text of the document.
Every new search is given a number e.g. #1, #2, etc. Searches can then be combined using this number. You can remove searches by clicking on clear.

Click on the title of any document to view. Use file and print to print documents.

Simple Boolean searching i.e. AND OR is supported, e.g. breast OR ovarian, diet AND obesity
TRIP has a Synonyms Dictionary that improves searching e.g., type IBS and Irritable Bowel Syndrome will be simultaneously searched. 
For truncation use * e.g. typing cancer* will find cancerous, cancers etc.
You can also search by phrase search by placing the phrase in quotation marks e.g. "prostate cancer"

Brackets can be used to refine the search and can be used in combination with Boolean. For instance, if you were interested in the effects of mumps or measles in pregnancy you would search "(mumps or measles) and pregnancy"


This function has a drop down menu of clinical specialties. The feature allows users to restrict searches of Pubmed to core journals in a clinical area. PubMed indexes over 4,000 journals so by restricting a search to up to 20 key journals in a clinical specialty, the results better serve the user. (Note: this specialisation only applies to the searching of PubMed.)

My TRIP is the area of the TRIP Database which allows users to register and receive regular clinical updates from the site. This is accomplished by an auto-search function that allows a user to record keywords of interest.  When the site is updated any new records that have the recorded keyword in the title are e-mailed to the user. Register to use this service. 

Full text?

May be available for a small number of items. Your results are displayed on

the screen under Results , or you can filter by category to display your results, by clicking on the category on the right hand side.

For journals articles in Pubmed, tick items required or click on notepad icon to see abstract.

Other useful resources

See the Nursing or Evidence Based Practice Subject Research Guides

Further help
The About Trip section on the menu tool bar gives information about the database. TRIP FAQ