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Database Guides: Knowledge Network

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What is it?

The Knowledge Network is an important source of health related information produced by the NHS in Scotland. It contains a wide range of freely available information including links to evaluated websites, patient information and health related news items. It was previously known as NHS Scotland e-library.

The Knowledge Network also provides access to over 5000 electronic journals, over 5000 electronic books and over 100 databases. Access to these resources is restricted to those who work for and in partnership with NHS Scotland. Stirling University's student nurses and midwives and staff of The School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health are eligible for full access to the Knowledge Network. It is necessary to register for a separate username and password, see more details below.

What is it for?

Use this resource to find information on health related topics. Nursing and Midwifery students should also check the Knowledge Network for access to any journals which are unavailable from the university.

How to access it

It is necessary to register for a username and password in order to get the most out of the Knowledge Network. Go to the Knowledge Network homepage and click on "Login / Register". Your username and password will be sent to you via email.

Please see more information below

How to search

There are several ways you can use the Knowledge Network:

If you have the bibliographic details (author, title, name of journal, date of publication etc) of a journal article and you cannot access it via a Stirling University library, try searching this resource. Log in and click on Journals under the e-Library section in the middle of the homepage. Enter the name of the journal in the search box and click search. The journal will be listed on the results page if there is a subscription. Select the appropriate year and issue and find the article you require. To see the full text click on PDF or PDF Full text.  

The Knowledge Network provides access to 5000 electronic books. These are particularly useful resources for students on placement or who find it difficult to access a university library. Log in to the Knowledge Network and select Books under the e-Library section in the middle of the homepage. Enter the topic you are interested into the search box and click search. To limit your results to electronic books click on "elibrary" under information sources on the right hand side of the screen.

There are many specialist portals available from the Knowledge Network. These can be related to a condition e.g. cancer, coronary heart disease or diabetes, or for a specific professions, e.g. nurses. These portals are customised versions of the Knowledge Network.

Full text?

The Knowledge Network provides access to over 5000 full text electronic journals and over 100 databases.

Other useful resources

See the NursingMidwifery and Evidence Based Practice Subject Research Guides.

Further help
Help and tutorials are available from the homepage. This includes an online tour.