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Database Guides: International Medieval Bibliography Online

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


What is it?

Index to journal articles, conference proceedings, essays, Festschriften and exhibition catalogues on the Middle Ages (300 - 1500).

What is it for?

Use it to find publications on medieval topics in history, language and literature, philosophy and religion.

How to access it

Choose International Medieval Bibliography Online from the A-Z List of Online Resources. Once at the Brepolis website, click on Enter databases, then select International Medieval Bibliography Online.

International Medieval Bibliography Online is only available on campus.

How to search

See Successful Search Techniques.

See also More Searching below.

Full text?

Contains references only. Check the library catalogue to see whether we have the journal or book required.

Other useful resources

See the research guides in HistoryPhilosophy and Religious Studies.

Further help
See the help buttonhelp in the bottom right hand corner.

More Searching

Free Search: note that you must enter the search operators, e.g. women and poetry.

Truncation: use *at end of word stem, e.g. poet* for poet, poets, poetry, poetic; use ? in middle of word, e.g. wom?n for woman and women

Browsing the indexes: Click on the blue button for the index you want to browse. Search for your term, then click on Add to add it to your search.

Displaying results: search and show hitlist will display results; count hits will just show how many results you have.

Emailing/downloading: from document view, click on Export in the left hand menu bar. It is not possible to create a list of records to download/email.