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Database Guides: Historic Digimap

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


Full name

Historic Digimap

What is it?

A range of online historical Ordnance Survey mapping data products from 1843 to 1996. It is one of the Digimap Collections available from the Digimap Service.

What is it for?

A range of online tools are available to facilitate viewing, interrogation and download of the maps.

To view, annotate and print historic maps use:

Ancient Roam: Ancient Roam allows you to view historical Ordnance Survey maps from the 1840s to the 1990s. Zoom through 12 different levels from maps at 1:500 to 1:10 560 in scale; view the same location for two different points in time to see what has changed. Additional functions:

- add annotations (text, points, lines and areas) to the map

- identify publishing date by clicking on the map

- save maps to go back to or print later


Land Use Map Viewer: Land Use Map Viewer is a simple interface for viewing the Dudley Stamp Land Use maps created in the 1930s.

- compare 1930s Land Use map with contemporary OS map

- search for location by place name or coordinates


To download historic mapping data for use in GIS/CAD use:

Historic Download: Historic Download allows you to select and download historical Ordnance Survey maps from Landmark Information Group for use in graphics, GIS or CAD software. Choose a mapping data product and an appropriate edition, then select map tiles which cover your area of interest.

- download maps in Shapefile or MapInfo formats

- select feature layers within the data product



How to access it

Login to the Portal and then choose Historic Digimap from the A-Z List of online resources.



You must register to use Digimap: so the first time you access Digimap you will be requested to register. Enter your details, including your email address (it is essential your email address is entered correctly). Then an email will be sent to you containing a link to activate your account. Open the email and click on 'Verify email address'. After verifying your email address, when you login to Digimap you will be asked to agree to licences for each of the Digimap collections you wish to use. You will only need to agree to the licence once for each Digimap collection. For more details see Digimap Registration.



If you encounter any problems with registration contact the EDINA Help Desk:




See the video below about Historic Digimap.


EDINA provides a lot of help via their Digimap Resource Centre. They also provide a range of useful presentations detailing the key functions of each Digimap Collection.


See also EDINA's Digimap Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Page and Twitter Account.

Access to Historic Digimap is funded by the Biological and Environmental Sciences Division. Information Services does not support this product.

Historic Digimap Video

Link to Historic Digimap