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Database Guides: Computer and Information Systems Abstracts

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


What is it?

Computer and Information Systems Abstracts provides a comprehensive monthly update on the latest theoretical research and practical applications around the world. This database provides international coverage as well as coverage of numerous non-serial publications. Sources covered include journals, conference proceedings, technical reports, trade journal/newsletter items, patents, books, and press releases.

What is it for?

Use to find literature on the theoretical research and practical applications in computing and information systems.

How to access it

Login to the Portal and then choose Computer and Information Systems Abstracts from the A-Z List of Online Resources.

How to search

See Successful Search Techniques.

There is an Easy Search Option but we recommend selecting the Advanced Search option, or using the Thesaurus Search (see below).

Advanced Search: From the Advanced Search screen select the type of search you wish to conduct from the drop-down box
e.g. Choose All Fields, to search all fields in the citation and abstract.

Truncation: use * at the end of a word, e.g., comput* will find computer, computers, computing, computation, etc.

Spelling variants: The search is automatically set up to recognise spelling variants of American and British versions of words, for example, a search for behaviour will automatically find both behaviour and behavior

Thesaurus Search: Use the Thesaurus (above the Advanced Search boxes on the right) to improve your search: it will find articles where your search term is one of the main topics in the article.  Use the Technology Index thesaurus for subjects e.g., artificial intelligence.

Field searching: use to to be precise and increase relevance of results

- e.g., type in wireless and select Document Title - TI from the drop-down box to find items where wireless appears in the title of articles

Combining searches: searches can be combined by selecting the recent searches link at the top righthand side of the Advanced Search screen. Then type the search set numbers to combine searches, for example: 2 and 3

Full text?

Click on the Find@Stir button Find@Stir button, which provides links to the full text of the journal if available, or to the library catalogue, to check if we have the item in paper format.

Further help

Click on Help in top right hand corner of screens


Searching Computer and Information Systems Abstracts using the thesaurus

Link to Computer and Information Systems Abstracts using the thesaurus