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Database Guides: Environmental Enrichment for Primates

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What is it?

Environmental Enrichment for Primates is an annotated database of references on environmental enrichment and refinement of husbandry for nonhuman primates. Includes references to journal articles, books, book chapters and proceedings. An Annotations field within records summarise topic-relevant findings and may include foot notes of pre-publication abstracts and double or slightly modified papers of the same author(s) published in different journals.

The database is produced by the Animal Welfare Institute, Washington, this is a non-profit charitable organisation with the aim of reducing the sum total of pain and fear inflicted on animals by humans.

What is it for?

Use to find information on husbandry of primates.



How to search

Searches can be made by Citation, by Keywords or Full text articles

AND to narrow search: type your search terms and select the All Words (AND) option e.g. primates communication All Words

OR to broaden search: type your search terms and select the Any Words (OR) option e.g. stress distress Any Words

Truncation: type your search term, and select the Partial words (right truncation) option e.g. feed Partial Words will find feed, feeds, feeder, feeding, feedstuff, etc.

Browse the index option: you can browse the indexes alphabetically by selecting this option. You can link directly from index entries to the records. Selecting the Citation search will allow you to view the author list.

Full text?

Includes some links to full text articles.

If Query box is left blank, and Browse the Index and Full text articles both selected, then Execute Search provides a list of web addresses of the full text articles.

Other useful resources

See also BIOSIS Previews.

Further help
For help click the Search Tips or Special Features buttons at the top of the Search screen in Environmental Enrichment for Primates.

Link to Environmental Enrichment for Primates