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Database Guides: World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts

Information about using the various databases in the A-Z Online Resources,


What is it?

World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts (WAERSA) is an abstracts database of internationally published research on rural socioeconomic research. Subjects covered include Agricultural economics, Agricultural policy and development, Agrarian reform, Employment and income, Environment and natural resources, Input industries, Supply, demand and prices, Food policies, Marketing and distribution, International trade, Finance and credit, Farm economics, Cooperatives, Rural sociology.

Covers journal articles, reports, conferences and books. 1973 onwards. (Print version available from 1970 in the Library on Stirling Campus shelved at SOCIAL ABS G, Level 4 next to the STATS collection)



What is it for?

Use to help you find journal articles in rural socioeconomic research.



How to search

AND searches: use and e.g. cattle and BSE 
OR searches: use or e.g. salmon or trout

Phrase search: enter words to find them together in that order e.g. global warming

Truncation: use * to represent any number of characters, e.g., estuar* will find estuary, estuarine, estuaries, etc.

Refine your search: on the search results screen use the Refine Results option on the left hand side to narrow down your search results further. For example you can refine by Specific Topic, Subject Category, Geographic location, etc.

Combine Searches: Use the Search History option on the right handside toolbar. Select the searches you wish to combine by ticking the box next to them, and choose whether to combine them with OR, AND, NOT.

Limiting your search to the WAERSA database only

Note that the WAERSA link on the A-Z list of resources goes to a shared search for all products produced by CABI. To limit your search to only the WAERSA Database run your search and from the results page use Refine Results, then under "Your CABI Databases" choose "World Ag. Economics and Rural Sociology".


Thesaurus search: Use the Thesaurus to improve your search.  The thesaurus has a list of preferred terms for searching. If you search using these terms, you'll find articles where the term is the main topic of the article.

Select Thesaurus from the toolbar at the top of the screen, then choose either All Terms A-Z or Browse by subject/category. Select the add button next to any thesaurus term you wish to use in your search strategy. It will be copied to the Search String box on the right. Choose as many terms as you wish, note that they will automatically be separated by an OR - this broadens your search. To build up a search strategy by combining different topics, it's probably best to use your thesaurus searches along with the Combining Searches option via the Search History option described above.


CABICODEs search: CABICODEs are classification codes applied to all records in the database to indicate the very broad subject areas within which they fall e.g. EE110 is for Agricultural Economics. When viewing a full record in the results you can see the CABICODEs listed on the left handside. Use these codes to set the overall subject scope of your search and then refine your search or combine with a more specific term. You can search by CABICODE by selecting it from the All fields drop down search box on the Advanced Search screen or from the results page use Refine Results and choose Subject Category (CABICODE).



Further help

Click on Help on the toolbar at the top of the screen in WAERSA.

See also the Simple and Advanced search guides available from the top right of their Guide to Searching page.

Link to World Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology Abstracts