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Library Catalogue Help: Search for Journals

Search the Library Catalogue

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian

Refine your results

You can refine your search from the options on the left of your search results under the Refine Results heading.

These will give you different options to limit your search results, like Subject or Resource Type.

After you have selected some of those options to refine your search, they will appear at the top left side of the screen under ​Current Search​. ​To remove them, simply click on the X​ button to the right of it.


  • Select the Journals tab. A new tab will open, there you can search for both print and electronic journals, either by title, subject or ISSN. You can also browse journals by discipline. 


On your results page you will be able to see the journal’s publication dates, that the library has access to.
Click on the link next to the dates you want, that will take you to the journals website, there you can browse to the correct volume, issue and pages of the article you are looking for.

Under some journal titles you will see a search box, which allows you to search within a publication. You can search for the article you are looking for there without having to search the journal issues for it.


If we have print copies of a Journal in the library, there will be an entry of the Journal's title with the link ‘Stirling Print Journals’ under it.













Following that link will take you to the Journal’s library catalogue record, where you can see which issues of the journal we have and where to locate it in the library.












Journals are on Level 3 (link to library map). They are shelved alphabetically by subject area (i.e. A – philosophy journals, followed by B - psychology journals, etc.) within each subject area individual journal titles are shelved alphabetically. 

What can I do if the Library does not have the journal that I want?

You can use the Article Request service to request any article. 

You may be able to find the journal you require in another library. The SALSER catalogue gives details of the journals held in university libraries across Scotland and the SUNCAT catalogue is a comprehensive source of information about the location of journals held in libraries throughout the UK. Online user guides are available.